Best minds in UK surgery gather at Surgical Innovations

Tuesday, 17 July, 2012

Surgical Innovations (SI) welcomed some of the best minds in UK surgery to its annual Clinical Advisory Board meeting.


The prestigious meeting took place at the SI facility and, throughout the two day event, SI’s concept designers and product development engineers were given the opportunity to liaise with surgeons to gain clinical feedback on both the innovative company’s existing and planned product portfolio and gain inspiration for new ideas.


The agenda included a mixture of hands-on clinical sessions, product demonstrations and round table discussions covering all aspects of MIS including hip arthroscopy – a relatively new surgical specialism which allows surgeons ‘keyhole’ access into the hip joint in order to diagnose and treat damaged tissue. SI is a pioneer in the MIS field and will be unveiling their highly anticipated hip arthroscopic solutions at the upcoming ISHA (International Society for Hip Arthroscopy) exhibition in September in Boston, US. 


SI has its roots in laparoscopy – ‘keyhole’ surgery in the abdominal cavity however it is transferring its innovative protected technologies to other clinical disciplines. For this reason this year’s Clinical Advisory Board meeting was attended by surgeons from a range of specialisms including laparoscopic, arthroscopic, paediatric, spinal, gynaecological and veterinary. 


All the sessions were facilitated by Professor Mike McMahon, co-founder of SI and chair of the Clinical Advisory Board.


Speaking about the meeting Prof McMahon said: “SI is fortunate to have a Clinical Advisory Board which includes some of the most prominent and expert surgeons in the UK. It was an inspiring two days in which numerous medical device developments were discussed ensuring SI’s surgeon-led philosophy is continued. We look forward to advancing the ideas with SI’s design team.”



Graham Bowland, Chief Executive Officer of SI, said: “The meeting has well and truly exceeded my expectations. The clinical feedback we have received from surgeons has been excellent and corroborated our current product development plan.


“It is encouraging to see that SI’s current thinking is in line with surgeon needs and that by working together we can create pioneering medical devices that will be the innovative surgical solutions of tomorrow.”


Attended by key surgeons from throughout the UK, the meeting confirms Leeds as a growing healthcare hub which is becoming renowned for its forward-thinking approach to medical innovation.