Directorate Changes

The Board of Surgical Innovations announces the appointment of Chris Rea as the Company’s Interim Managing Director with immediate effect. 

Directorate Change

The Board of Surgical Innovations (AIM:SUN) announces the departure of Graham Bowland as the Company's Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect.  Chief Financial Officer Mike Thornton has been appointed as the Company's Interim Chief Executive Officer.

Pioneering 3mm laparoscopic surgery offers patients smaller scars and quicker recovery

A Leeds consultant at St James’s University Hospital is one of the first surgeons in the world to perform a 3mm laparoscopic cholecystectomy, using Surgical Innovations’ (SI) unique 3mm clip applier.

Consultant Giles Toogood used SI’s brand new LAP3 procedure kit to remove 36 year-old Felicia Chikukwa’s gallbladder following complaints of severe pain in her abdomen.

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