Surgical Innovations Group Plc is committed to making this website as accessible as possible.


Surgical Innovations recognises and values the provision of information on this website in a format which is accessible to all, regardless of ability or disability.


To ensure that this happens, we have programmed our website following published web standards and accessibility guidelines. The site is developed using valid HTML and cascading style sheets(CSS). Our site attempts where possible to ensure that content is available to any visitors that use technologies such as a screen reader or text only browser.


We try to maintain WAI Level AA accessibility
We strive to achieve and maintain levels of accessibility that conform to the AA standard, but recognise that it is very hard for any website to maintain 100% compliance.


W3C’s guidelines on accessibility
Through continual development of our web site we strive to improve our compliance and aim to meet as many of the WAI Level AA and AAA guidelines as possible.


What is an accessible website?
An accessible site is one that accommodates the full range of users. Designing for accessibility therefore means accepting that, for online information, there is:


  • no standard information user, and,
  • no standard device for browsing information


An accessible website does not exclude anybody due to their:


  • abilities, or
  • the method they choose to access the web


Accessible websites prioritise clear content, structure and ease of navigation over complex aspects of design, however they should attempt to be content and experience rich, provided that all information is still accessible to users.


Text size and page layout
On most computers and browsers you can use the “Command” and “+” (plus) or “-“(minus) keys to change the size of the text that appears on this website.


You can also use your browser settings to change the text size for all the websites that you visit. The technique for doing this is slightly different depending on the browser that you use:


  • Internet Explorer 7/8: Select the ‘Page’ menu, then one of the options under ‘Zoom’ or ‘Text Size’. The default setting is ‘Medium’
  • Internet Explorer 6: Select the ‘View’ menu, and select one of the options under ‘Text Size’
  • Mozilla Firefox: Select the ‘View’ menu, then ‘Text Size’, then select Increase, Decrease or Normal, or the ‘View’ menu, then ‘Zoom’, then one of the options
  • Opera: Select the ‘View’ menu, then one of the ‘Zoom’ percentage options
  • Netscape: Select the ‘View’ menu, then one of the ‘Text Zoom’ options


Other browsers may also have similar options available. Please consult the documentation provided with your browser if similar options to the ones above aren’t available.


We have used black text on white space as this is more comfortable to read than say white text on a black background, but we are open to suggestions.


More information
For more information about overall website accessibility please visit the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


This page was last updated on 16 February 2012