SI Brand

We design and manufacture our own successful brand of Resposable® medical devices

Over the last two decades we have designed and manufactured a range of pioneering devices such as YelloPort Elite® & YelloPort +plus® laparoscopic port access systems, Logi®Range resposable laparoscopic instrument system, FastClamp laparoscopic clamping system and Quick®Range single use laparoscopic instrumentation.

Our Strategy

  • New product development to enhance the SI brand
  • Increase our network of specialist distributors
  • Expand the use of YelloPort+plus® within the US market


We are proud to be an OEM supplier to several leading international medical device manufacturers

It is testament to our design and manufacturing skills that our products are in demand by highly renowned medical companies. We can offer effective solutions by providing expertise in design and development combined with manufacturing capability to produce a high quality final device.

Our Strategy

  • Develop the OEM proposition to provide a full-service solution from concept, through to the development and manufacture of innovative devices
  • Use SI’s core intellectual property to create medical device solutions for OEM partners
  • Continue promotion and adoption of SI’s resposable philosophy

Precision Engineering

We have also successfully translated our core technology into Industrial applications through our Precision Engineering Division

 The solutions are based on core technology developed over the years in our surgical devices business. We believe that there is further scope to develop and expand our industrial techology into other business sectors.

Our Strategy

  • Continue to seek opportunities where SI’s intellectual property can be adapted to industrial applications
  • Continue to engage with major industrial partners